Randy Adams, who grew up in a rural area, moved to with his family to town at the age of 16. Adams graduated from Centralia High School in 1968. He attended Linn Technical College for one year. From there, he began working and would eventually end up at A. B. Chance Company, working in galvanizing. Adams supervisors Claxton and McKenzie took an interest in him and tried to get Adams to better himself by bidding on other factory jobs. He would turn down the office jobs which provided a title, but did nothing to compete with the salary he was making in the factory. He eventually took a tool crib position which offered him a cleaner atmosphere, and less physical labor. Being in another plant location offered him additional friendships and a skilled trade. With the support of his fellow workers, he was elected shop steward. He was a union representative in addition to being a board member for the profit sharing of A. B. Chance. Through all of this he was known for his honesty and trustworthiness. Adams was admired and respected by both office and factory workers as one who could consider the whole position and vote according to the wishes of those he represented.  For 18 years, he was a loyal laborer who could talk with anyone on any social level.

During the mid- to late- 1970s, Adams took his Missouri Real Estate license law exam and passed. Adams decided to sell real estate at night after leaving his 7:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M. job. After working for another agency, Adams considered establishing Adams Realty.

In 1982, he opened Adams Realty and he took a leave from A.B. Chance. Adams left A.B. Chance in 1984. Being a hometown boy made being committed to bettering the community easy. Adams setup his office and began working 12-14 hour days and found immediate success. His honesty, sincerity and professionalism gave way to more business. Soon, he needed more space. Adams and a local insurance broker began splitting an office working hand-in-hand to offer real estate and homeowners insurance side-by-side.

As the business expanded, his wife Barbara began working at the office doing advertising and clerical work. Barbara obtained her real estate sales license in 1986.

Adams business grew due to hard work and dedication to buyers and sellers alike. Eventually, he moved to a larger office and different location in Centralia. This move enabled him to add additional sales staff and more office personnel. Adams Realty was a blossoming business. Adam’s son Darren joined the business in 1999 and earned his broker license. In September of 2001, Adams health declined and the economy began to suffer.

In 2002, Darren became the managing broker. The subsequent years that followed would be lean, but Adams Realty would lead the way in the real estate market.  Centralians were as loyal to us as we were to them. Adams Realty delivers the best quality homes, with the best marketing prices. Adams Realty continues to drive the market with listings and sales. Today, Darren and Barbara continue the traditions established by Adams. Adams Realty is and continues to be the Number 1 real estate market in Centralia and the surrounding area…all because one man’s dream was to provide a better home for his family and friends. It was one man’s dream to make Centralia a better family community; to see Centralia grow yet remain the small town where people care; and it shows in the homes, their churches, and their parks…all for the betterment of life in Centralia. This is where Homes Are Sold and Adams Realty sells for a better tomorrow.